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A common complaint is that there’s no easy place to find all the ‘digital’ events that are going on in the region.

To go some way to remedying that I’ve dug out a selection – some regular, some not – and listed them on the Other Events page.

There are plenty more to add to that list but, in the meantime, it’s a decent start. If you know of any others that would fit the bill then please help out. Just send:

  • the event’s name
  • venue
  • date
  • a link to further information

to or add something in the comments below this post.

Incidentally, subscribe to the BSMC mailing list and once a month you’ll get a list of the upcoming events sent straight to your inbox.

Speaking of other events, the launch of the Black Country Social Media Cafe is now mere hours away. It’ll be at Alchemy Bar in Wolverhampton (map) at 2.30pm on 7 April. Pete Ashton and myself (Chris Unitt) will be there to talk about what we learned at SXSWi.

One thought on “Getting out and about

  1. Hi Chris,

    I was at the Black Country Social Media Cafe meeting this afternoon and would love to let people know about an event that’s coming up in Cannock (yes Cannock!)

    So here are the details, thank you!

    Event name: Someone Once Told Me*
    Date Weds 13 May, from 3pm
    Location: Passionate Media, 2 New Street, Bridgtown, Cannock

    Brief details: Photographer Mario from the brilliant Someone Once Told Me website ( is coming to our offices to take pics of people to add to his stunning collection and we’re making it into a bit of an informal ‘do’ as well.

    For me, this is an important event as some of the people who have so far agreed to be pictured are doing so to raise awareness on a given issue, but it doesn’t have to be that serious!

    *I understand he has already been to the B’ham Social Media Cafe.

    More details are here:

    And there’s a facebook group here:

    Thanks for providing this service, if anyone wants to come along, they would be very welcome, please just drop me a line or @joner on Twitter.

    All the best


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