6 thoughts on “Next event, 28 January 2011

  1. How about Malmaison at the mailbox? It’s still within the central vacinity, good for those who travel by train, near to bus stops in town & car parks near by.

    It’s big enough to accomodate everyone with good access & a lift. There’s comfortable seating too. Most likely it will be more expensive though.

  2. You really can’t beat the studio (formerly the Orange studio). fab venue with cool area to meet, chat and enjoy freshly baked cookies…..if you’re interested I’ll put you in touch with one of the studio owners. She’s really cool – just like the venue d;-)

  3. What about the cafe at the margarett rose abri (google it to see what else has gone on there) Open for evening events and has great coffee.Plannimg to open the day Good access and downstairs loo. MRAbri is following Chris on twitter.

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