Some changes to the Birmingham Social Media Cafe

We’ve just been given a bit of cash by Screen WM to make sure Birmingham Social Media Cafe events continue. We’re hugely grateful to them – it’s not going to make anyone rich but it’ll pay for our overheads and give us some money to put behind the counter occasionally if there’s no sponsor.

In return, Screen WM want to make sure the regular meet-ups happen and we’re more than happy to do that. Actually, we want to do a little more so we’ve decided to make a couple of changes to the general BSMC set-up. Nothing huge – we just want to flesh things out and continue to make the events worthwhile attending.

What won’t change

The main event will still be the get-togethers on the last Friday of every month (earlier in December). A chance to come together with others who are exploring how social media fits into their work – to share ideas, get some work done and find new friends and colleagues.

What will change

There are five things to mention:

  • Occasional evening events
  • Weekly news updates
  • You can now follow @BirminghamSMC on Twitter
  • We’ll be a bit more diligent with those monthly emails
  • We’re going to kill off the wiki (as it’s only been used for spam in the past year I don’t imagine it’ll be missed).

See, nothing all that drastic. Two of those are worth a bit more explanation.

Evening events

The idea is to address certain topics and/or partner with other organisations and provoke crossovers of networks. We’re open to suggestions but are thinking of doing something a few times a year and maybe/probably getting speakers involved.

To get the ball rolling, think BSMC partnering with others to address the possibilities for social media in medicine, professional services, marketing, architecture, sport, green tech, food, education… like I say, we’re open to suggestions.

Weekly news

A round-up of WM-focussed social media/digital news with links to upcoming events (not just ours). If you remember the Friday on Jobplot then you’ll know the sort of thing.

Let us know

The BSMC has always been shaped by the people who attend it. Is there anything you want to chip in? Anything that you think would make the events (the regular ones or the extra evening ones) even better? Let us know in the comments.

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