Last Month at Birmingham Social Media Cafe

Guest blog by Antonia Hruscovschi

Last Month at Birmingham Social Media Cafe 

A huge thank you for everyone who attended Birmingham Social Media Café at Tilt Birmingham on 18th March 2016.

Our pleasant meeting was held in the heart of the city centre, in City Arcade just off Union Street with members from various professional backgrounds and age.

It was my second meeting with Birmingham Social Media Cafe (BrumSMC) and I can honestly say that the friendly environment along with all the inspiring members have made me feel more than welcome. Our topic for the meeting was Social Media which has brought into discussion various online platforms and how we could use them to express ourselves, generate virtual engagement as well as how could they benefit businesses and organisations.

If previously we have encouraged individual conversations, this meeting was based on overall open discussions that allowed each member to share opinions and learn from other’s experience. I personally felt this approach was more productive and people seemed more engaged during the conversations.

tilt birmingham

It is no longer a secret that social media has become a constant presence in our lives, regardless our professional background. Some of the platforms brought into discussions were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and one thing that we have all agreed on was the fact that each an every one of them requires a certain type of content.

For example, creative and artistic images posted on Instagram might not be suitable for Twitter which requires a ‘newsfeed’ style of content and would shorten the image when posted.

Developing an effective presence on Social Media, from a personal or professional perspective, should be tailored according to each platform to assure visibility and reaction from the audience. Amongst our members, Twitter was the most popular Social Media platform due to its straight forward layout, and our participants shared their thoughts about Tilt Birmingham including our meeting by using #BrumSMC

Please fell free to share your thoughts on Social Media platforms and check our online updates for future meetings!

Next Birmingham Social Media Cafe: Friday 29th April 10am-Noon with JC Social Media and Clive Reeves Public Relations sponsoring. Central Birmingham Venue to be confirmed.

About Antonia Hruscovschi

Antonia is a Media Graduate from Coventry University and EMBA student at BCU currently working on developing a career in creative industries. Hugely passionate about Marketing and Event Management and constantly seeking to gain professional experience in this domains.